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The sacred festival of Janmashtami is an integral part of Indian culture and religious belief system.


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The pious day on which Lord Krishna, who is believed to be the eighth and most lovable incarnation of the mighty Lord Vishnu, was born in this corporeal world is celebrated as Janmashtami by Hindus throughout India. According to ancient scriptures and religious beliefs, Krishna was born under the celestial Rohini nakshatram on the eighth day of the month of Shravana at midnight according to the Hindu calendar. This date corresponds with the month of August, if one goes by the Georgian calendar. The lord was born to Vasudeva and Devaki Devi on this pious day. This festival is also known as Sri Krishna Jayanti and Krishnashtmi.

Lord Krishna symbolizes the golden age, as during his time, people lived justly and luxuriously. His childhood is filled with various naughty and sweet 'Bal Leelas' which means childhood frolics. This has made him the most endeared god among the masses. Even today, his childhood tales are told to by grandparents to their young ones as a source of entertainment and teaching. The festival of Janmashtami is celebrated with great pomp and show throughout India. Krishna temples are elaborately ornamented, prayer songs are sung and homemade sweets like laddus (yellu oonde), cheedai, payasam (kheer) and eaten as well as distributed by devotees among the general public. Janmashtami is one of the most colorful and vibrant festivals of India.