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When prayers for Krishna fill the air, send an amazing Janmashtami decorative gift or thali to your dear and near ones. Read on to know more about various options in decorative gifts.

Janmashtami Decorative Gifts

When the auspicious festival of Janmashtami comes visiting our households, people indulge in prayers, Pujas, celebrations and gifts exchange. Falling in the month of September every year, it is an auspicious day on which Lord Krishna was born under the star of Rohini. During this two-day long festival, devotees observe fasts and chant Bhajans till midnight. In the midnight hours, when Lord Krishna is said to have taken birth, devotees offer prayers and chant Bhajans in the praise of the lord. At this auspicious hour, priests bathe the idol of Lord Krishna and keep it on a cradle. Delicious food items which are the favourites of the lord are prepared with ghee, curd, butter, honey and milk. During such auspicious festivities, how about gifting a beautiful Janmashtami decorative gift to your dear ones? Wall hangings, Krishna and Radha photo frames, floral carvings, Puja accessories, Lord Krishna idols and cradles, wall decorations, temple and door deportations - the list goes on and on. Read further to know more about Janmashtami decorative gifts which can be gifted to your dear ones this upcoming Janmashtami.

Decorative Gifts For Janmashtami

Krishna Idols And Sculptures

There is no gift which makes a stronger impact than an idol of Lord Krishna on Janmashtami. Krishna idols are essential for Janmashtami as devotees perform Pujas and offer prayers to these idols. These idols also decorate the living room of a house. Considered as the messenger of love, an idol of the lord Krishna as a small boy with a flute in his hands, makes for an excellent gift idea. There are ample options for Krishna idols as you get them in bronze, gold plating, brass, wood, crystal and clay. In case your friend or family member already has a Krishna idol, try gifting a decorative stool to keep the Krishna idol. There is no reason why your dear ones should not be delighted with this thoughtful gesture.

Krishna Wall And Door Hangings
How about buying wall-hangings with the image of Lord Krishna? As these wall hangings form a major decorative item for Janmashtami, they also provide an ethnic touch to the wall and door. Door hangings with the image of Lord Krishna as a Janmashtami gift are an excellent option. You can make these Toran at home by pasting various Janmashtami symbols such as simple flutes or even pots containing butter, which symbolise the activities of the lord.

Puja Accessories
Gifting Puja accessories encompassing all the essentials required for a Puja is an excellent gift idea. These accessories can also be used as showpieces or be used for Puja. Gifting this to a religious or spiritual person would be a great idea.

Decorative Items form an essential part for Janmashtami. Hope this article gives you a fair idea about the various decorative gift options for this auspicious festival.