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Send flowers this Janmashtami to your family in India. Sending flowers for this celebration will fill their homes with freshness and bright thoughts!

Janmashtami Flowers

Flowers are a vital and important part of Indian festivities. They have always been an intrinsic part of Indian festivals. Flowers are synonymous with color, fragrance and vibrancy. However, flowers are not just used for decorative purposes; they are also used as offerings and to make garlands for the deities. Janmashtami celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna, who was an avatar of Lord Vishnu. This festival is celebrated with great gusto and is celebrated all over India. This festival has many names, in the north it is mostly called Krishna Janmashtami and in the south, people call it Gokulashtami. This particular day is celebrated on the Ashtami tithi on the eighth day, of the Shraavan month in the Hindu calendar. Janmashtami is always celebrated between August-September. On this joyous festival, send flowers to convey your love and hearty wishes to your loved ones and friends. Select from a wide range of flowers that we have to offer from our online store to celebrate the joy of the birth of Lord Krishna.

Send Flowers to India


Roses are symbolic with love and beauty. Red roses especially, send out a message of love while white ones are for purity and spiritual love. Yellow roses however, are symbolic with friendship, joy and new beginnings. Choose from an assortment of flowers that we have to offer! Sending a bouquet of roses to your family this year will brighten their day and add color to the festival of Janmashtami.

The word carnation comes from the Greek work 'corone', which means flower garlands. The Greeks used to use these flowers to make their ceremonial crowns. Carnations come in a variety of colors, both in solid and stripes variations. Sending a bouquet of carnations will liven up the spirits of the celebrations and add a touch of vibrancy too!

Orchids signify love and beauty. These gorgeous flowers come in an array of colors and sending them to your loved ones could really stand out. Send a bouquet of orchids in a color of your choice and add to the festivity of Janmashtami.

Tulips are beautiful flowers that simply brighten up any space or area. Send your loved ones tulips and choose from a wide assortment of different bouquets.

Bird Of Paradise
Bird of Paradise is a unique flower to send to your family and friends. It represents joy and paradise and is a beautiful hue of mostly orange, purple and green.

Send flowers for Janmashtami this year to brighten this festive day. You family and friends would most likely be thrilled to receive them. Just log onto our online store and choose from the assortment that we have for you. Enjoy the day and be a part of the celebrations!