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Come Janmashtami, the auspicious festival to honour the birth of Lord Krishna, send Janmashtami gift hampers online. Be it a puja thali or Lord Krishna idol, send gifts to your dear ones at affordable prices.

Janmashtami Gift Hampers

The auspicious festival of Janmashtami is celebrated to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna and commemorate his life. Regarded as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna is worshipped as a great teacher, theorist and a warrior. Falling eight days after the festival of Raksha Bandhan in the month of Shravan as per the Hindu calendar, Janmashtami is an occasion to share his teachings. Celebrated as a two-day festival, the first day of the festival is known by the name 'Krishna Ashtami' and the second day is known as 'Kaal Ashtami'. In the midnight hours, when Lord Krishna is believed to have been born, the world bears witness to huge celebrations which include preparing his favourite food items made of milk and curd, bathing the idol of the Lord and keeping it in a cradle. The world also witnesses gifts exchange which includes Pooja gift hampers, sweet gift hampers and chocolate gift hampers. Read further to know more about various Janmashtami gift hampers to pamper your dear ones.

Gift Hampers For Janmashtami

Puja Gift Hampers
Does it sound like a great idea to gift a Puja gift hamper including all ingredients needed for the Puja for this upcoming Janmashtami? Of course, it does. A Puja gift hamper includes Diyas, Puja Thali, candles, Bhagwat Gita, Kumkum, rice, sweets and so on. Present this to a devotee this year and add a bright colour to their celebrations.

Chocolates Gift Hampers
Think of gifting a sweet gift hamper to your son, daughter or parents on this upcoming Janmashtami? It will have everything that kids and adults alike relish and enjoy; dark chocolates, milk chocolates, Éclairs and Cadbury's packets and family packs of kit kats. Your little ones would really find the Janmashtami awesome.

Sweet Gift Hampers
Tired of searching for a sweet gift hamper for your sister on this Janmashtami? Then, you can go for a sweet gift hamper which includes all the traditional sweets including milk Pedas, Kalakand, Kaju Barfi, Ladoos along with a sweet vermicelli box. Presenting a salty snack to complement the sweetness goes a long way in delighting people.

Combo Gift Hampers
Imagine you gifting a beautiful and decorated tray with flowers, sweets and nuts and almonds in small pouches to your sister on this Janmashtami. Tying these pouches with beautiful ribbons would make the tray amazing.

Festivals are associated with gifts; Janmashtami is no exception. Send these attractive Janmashtami gift hampers and surprise your dear ones.