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Janmashtami is one of the major Hindu festivals and like all others; the festival of Janmashtami is not complete without sweets. Gift your loved ones some delicious sweet thalis this Janmashtami.

Janmashtami Sweets

Janmashtami is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna. It is among the primary Hindu festivals and is celebrated with exuberance all over India and even abroad. Lord Krishna was born on the midnight of the 8th day of "Krishnapaksha" meaning dark fortnight, in Shravan, a Hindu month. He was the 8th child born to the imprisoned Queen Devaki and King Vasudeva. The king and queen were imprisoned by the ruthless and evil King of Mathura, Kansa. Devaki was Kansa's sister and he imprisoned her after a hearing prophesy about his death in the hands of the 8th child of Devaki. A violent and terrified Kansa tried to kill Devaki, but her husband begged for her life and promised to handover the 8th child to Kansa. Just before the night Krishna was born, Lord Vishnu appeared in front of Vasudev and Devaki, and told them that he will be born to them and that Vasudev has to carry the newborn to house of his friend, Nanda, a cowherd. Nanda's wife was also expecting a child the same time. Therefore, the night Lord Krishna was born, all locks of the prison unlocked themselves and Vasudeva was successful in reaching Nanda's house, where Nanda's wife was sleeping with her newborn child. He exchanged the babies and came back to the prison. Thus, the historic birth of Lord Krishna took place. As he grew up, he executed the malevolent Kansa to rescue the people of Mathura.

Sweets are an inherent part of all Hindu festivals. On the occasion of Janmashtami, many Hindu families indulge in preparing sweets, which are Lord Krishna's favorites. These sweets are offered as bhog or prashand and then distributed among the devotees. People prepare or buy sweets to offer as gifts to their close friends or relatives. These sweets are available in attractive packs and also in thalis to add a festive touch. Following are the some special Janmashtami sweets which can be used as gifts:

Kaju barfi
Kaju barfi is an Indian traditional sweet and is commonly seen in every Hindu festival or any other occasion. A pack or box of Kaju barfi can be a wonderful gift on the occasion of Janmashtami.

Pedas can be of kesar, kesarmalai, kaju and mawa. These are the most common varieties of pedas. They can be delightful gifts and they come in beautiful thalis.

Kaju Gujiya
These are delicious sweets made of cashews, almonds and pistachios. If you want to treat your loved ones with some rich and scrumptious sweets, gift them a box or thali of Kaju gujiya.

Badam Barfi
Badam barfis are another famous variety of sweets in India. On the occasion of Janmashtami, gift your loved ones packets of Badam barfis. They are delicious and can serve as perfect gifts for Janmashtami.

Kaju Pista Roll
Kaju Pista Roll has been one of the special desserts since years. It is a delectable combination of cashew and pistachio, made into rolls. Gifting a thali or box of kaju pista rolls will be the best relishing treat to your family or friends.